Word of Mouth

Club History

On October 21, 1947, a group of women gathered for a luncheon meeting at the Hotel Suburan (now the Grand Summit Hotel) to plan a series of get-togethers for women, newly arrived, in the area. The group elected four officers and was named the Summit Newcomers Club.

Three years later, the membership increased to 375 and the need for this kind of social organization became evident. When the by-laws were finally adopted in 1962, the club had grown to include the surrounding towns of Berkeley Heights and New Providence. By 1975, the membership soared to an all time high of 889.

Now that we've entered the new millennium, the club continues the tradition of welcoming new residents to the community as well as offering social opportunities to those newly at home.

Ongoing Activities

The primary goal of the Newcomers' Club of Summit, Berkeley Heights, and New Providence is to provide social opportunities for our members. We offer a variety of regular activities each month designed to get our members out and meeting one another. In addition to regular activities, the club is always looking for social opportunities available within the community. We do our best to list these opportunities in our newsletter and on our website as we find them.

Couples' Night Out

Couples' Night Out is a bit of a misnomer because you don't necessarily have to be a couple to participate in these activities... you just have to be over the age of 21. Whether you're single, or your other half is away on business and you're craving a social connection, these activities are for all the "grownups" in the club. If you have kids, then this is the time to find a babysitter because children are not allowed at these events. If you don't have kids, then these activities are definitely for you! The Club generally plans one event in this category each month and details on location and how to RSVP can be found in the monthly newsletter and on our website.

Ladies' Night Out

Ladies' Night Out is obviously for the women of the group. Once again, no children are allowed at these activities, although exceptions have been made in the past for infants and nursing babies, depending on the location. Past activities for the women in the Club have included spa night, cocktails, Bunko, cooking classes, presentations, wine tastings, and movie nights. Ladies' Night Out events are typically held on a Thursday night once each month.

Moms and Tots

Moms and Tots activities are planned once a month, usually during the day, for the stay-at-home mom with pre-school aged children and babies. Lunches, playground outings, farm trips, zoos and museums are popular activities among our 0-5 crowd. In addition to planning activities for stay-at-home moms and small children, this group also tries to target older kids and working parents with occasional weekend activities.


Playgroups are mostly coordinated for the stay-at-home mom with young children. However, the club does track weekend playgroups as well for working parents. The Newcomers' club serves as a coordinator for helping moms put together playgroups with other moms who have children relatively close in age to their own. The playgroups are open to active club members, are typically no larger than 8 children, and meet at a time and location designated by the members of that given group.

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